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Motor Vehicle Accidents Attorney Serving MichiganMichigan Motorvehicle Accidents Attorney

Have you recently been involved in a wreck that you believe to be someone else’s fault? If so, you need a Michigan motor vehicle accidents attorney immediately.

The right lawyer can help you figure out how to move forward with the complicated and overwhelming process of protecting your rights in a personal injury claim.

A Michigan personal injury claim can be overwhelming when you are facing serious medical conditions and are unsure of how to proceed. You need to take action quickly because of the statute of limitations in Michigan for motor vehicle accidents.

Timelines For Michigan Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Claims

After a certain period of time has lapsed following the accident, you will be unable to pursue compensation and file a lawsuit. You have a maximum of three years to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. The court may dismiss your case entirely if you allow this to lapse.

For injury claims that may involve the government and state agency, such an agency that was responsible for repairing the road, who failed to do so; you only have six months to file a claim.

Experienced Michigan Motor Vehicle Accidents Attorneys

This makes it all the more important to schedule a consultation with a Michigan motor vehicle accidents lawyer immediately. You may try to hold the person or a company responsible for your injuries, only to see them turn around and argue that you are totally or partly to blame for your accident.

You may still be eligible to recover compensation from other at-fault parties if you were only partly at fault. This is because Michigan makes use of a modified comparative fault rule to manage cases in which the injured individual was also partly at fault.

Who Is At Fault In A Michigan Motor Vehicle AccidentAccident Claims Attorney In Michigan

You cannot receive damages if you were determined to be 50% or more at fault for the accident, which makes hiring the right Michigan motor vehicle accident’s lawyer important for the development of your case and the illustration of fault.

You need someone who is thoroughly experienced in collecting and evaluating evidence and presenting it to the court.

Are You Entitled To Compensation After A Michigan Car Accident

Your Michigan motor vehicle accident’s attorney may help you recover compensation for your injuries such as broken bones, fractures, lacerations, internal organ damage, TBIs, whiplash and more.

Your compensation may be critical for helping you with your lost wages, medical bills and other expenses tied directly to the accident.

Get Help For Your Michigan Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

You need to sit down in an initial consultation as soon as possible after the accident has occurred and present the evidence to your attorney so that he or she can make a decision about what makes the most sense going forward to protect your interests.

You deserve someone who has been practicing in this field and who has a comprehensive understanding of the common missteps and pitfalls

Michigan Motor Vehicle Accidents

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