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Botched Circumcisions Attorney: What You  Need To Know

Whether you’re a new parent concerned about injuries with your baby, a male who has recently encountered circumcision firsthand, or someone suffering the pain of a botched circumcision, this can have a serious impact on your life. Being able to identify a lawyer you can trust is one of the first steps towards protecting your legal rights and pursuing an injury claim with an attorney who is experienced with botched circumcisions.

There are many different ways that the circumcision procedure may be botched, ultimately prompting a medical malpractice lawsuit. The most frequent hospital error with regard to circumcisions is removing too much skin near the penile shaft. When the wound does heal, the penis length is reduced. This can prove problematic in the future since the junction of the penis and the scrotum is then pulled onto the shaft. When the male reaches puberty, pubic hair will appear on the penis shaft. This is a very embarrassing condition and one that can only be partially treated with surgery.

Common Causes Of Botched Circumcision

Another common cause of botched circumcisions is when the doctor buries the penis in the fat pad in the pubic area. Even after corrective surgery, a Botched circumcisions lawyerskin bulge may be present. In other situations, a mistake during the circumcision can lead to part or all of the glands, the round end of the penis, to be cut off. Disfigurement is extremely common if and when corrective procedures are used to address this issue. Every effort to reattached may not be successful, either.

Aside from the medical problems associated with botched circumcisions, there are often emotional scars left behind and problems that become more of an issue as the male gets older and passes through puberty. Anesthetic errors may also occur during the circumcision or repair surgeries, increasing the chances of serious injuries or even death for the patient. This is not your fault and you don’t have to be silent and you are not alone. Someone is responsible for your pain and emotional and psychological damage that you are struggling with. Step forward and speak to a compassionate attorney who will fight for you.

This Could  Have Been Prevented

Many of the surgical errors associated with botched circumcisions are completely preventable. If you can show the court that the doctors or other medical staff involved failed to act with the proper care and attention, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

No person or parent should have to go through the situation of worrying about serious injuries tied to a botched circumcision. If you believe that a doctor made a mistake, you need to consult with a botched circumcision lawyer as soon as possible to discuss moving forward with a legal case. While the doctors might try to write these off as minor issues, the disfigurement and resulting medical conditions may continue to affect both young and adult men for their entire adult lives. Talking to a lawyer as soon as possible will give you an idea of the next steps to take should you choose to move forward with a legal case. Botched circumcisions are a serious issue and should always prompt a conversation with a knowledgeable lawyer.

Botched Circumcisions Lawyer

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