What to Do If You Think You Have a Defective Motorcycle Helmet?

Posted on : October 3, 2017
a defective helmet may lead to an injury claim

If someone else has caused an accident due to reckless or negligent behavior, another challenge may come about if you discover that the motorcycle helmet you were wearing at the time was defective. This can complicate the liability issues in your personal injury claim and can lead you to become an extremely frustrated as many consumers do extensive research to select the right motorcycle helmet to begin with.

Wearing a helmet has the potential to drastically reduce your serious injuries associated with a motorcycle crash. However, if the helmet itself is defective, you may experience severe problems such as spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries because the defective motorcycle helmet did not function as intended.

Manufacturers have a responsibility to comprehensively test these materials as well as any other vehicle parts or safety gear used by consumers on a regular basis. If it is discovered that the manufacturer did not do the appropriate testing or misled consumers about the relative safety of the material, you may have grounds for a product liability lawsuit in addition to a personal injury lawsuit because of the other driver’s negligent actions.

With these complex issues, you need a personal injury attorney who is prepared to represent your interests in all different categories. It is very overwhelming to find yourself in the position of dealing with the personal injuries caused by a motorcycle accident because being thrown from the bike could lead to fractures, broken bones, scars, internal bleeding and other injuries that will take many years to recover from.

Most people who are injured in motorcycle accidents find themselves suffering from the repercussions for years to come and a defective motorcycle helmet only amplifies the severe injuries sustained. Do not wait to get help from a lawyer who has a broad level of experience in this field and can help you navigate the complex process.

A defective helmet, much like any other type of safety gear, should always be fully tested and made properly in order to limit injuries to the end user. If this doesn’t happen, the rider could be killed or seriously injured in an accident.


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