NSC in US Says More Than 40,000 Car Fatalities in 2017

Posted on : February 21, 2018

Current estimates for the number of fatalities affecting people in the United States across 2017 indicate that traffic accidents are still a leading cause of preventable deaths. Although the vehicle deaths barely declined in 2017, they still remain much higher than just two years prior. For the second consecutive year, the National Safety Council reported that automotive fatality estimates topped 40,000. These include deaths that NHTSA doesn’t categorize as roadway deaths.


Any traffic fatality should be investigated fully in order to figure out the cause behind it. Many accidents are linked directly to dangerous behavior on the part of one or more drivers, all of which can endanger everyone on the road. When police or others find out that someone’s negligent behavior caused an accident, this information might be used to pursue a criminal or civil case against that person. Being safe on the road should be a top priority for anyone driving a car.

Traffic fatalities can come about as a result of a number of different types of reckless behavior, but the main thread behind most of them is that these situations can be prevented.
Some policymakers have recently shared that they believe that traffic deaths constitute a public health crisis that cannot be tolerated any further. The National Safety Council says that this 2017 estimate is a minor decrease from the 2006 estimates but still 6% higher than 2015. Automakers, regulators, and lawmakers say that the number of traffic fatalities, many of which are tied to reckless driving and negligent behavior, should prompt tighter laws and faster development of self-driving vehicles.

These self-driving vehicles are anticipated to dramatically improve roadway safety and cut down on the number of accidents caused by human error. Unfortunately, many people are still not yet confident about using self-driving vehicles and the technology takes years to develop, meaning that these are not widespread on the road yet. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you if you’ve already been involved in an accident involving someone who left you with severe injuries or killed your loved one. Your willingness to take quick action can make a big impact on your case.

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