New Study Shows That Oldest Siblings Are Most Dangerous Behind the Wheel

Posted on : September 7, 2017
oldest siblings can be dangerous drivers

It may be tempting to allow an older sibling to drive around his or her brothers and sisters because typically firstborns have a reputation for being extremely responsible. However, a new study shows that your firstborn child may actually be more dangerous behind the wheel. It’s always good to think twice about your individual child’s personality and ability to render good judgement before allowing siblings to get in the back seat.


A new study completed by Privilege Car Insurance show that firstborns are more likely to be the most dangerous drivers. Nearly 1400 drivers were tested and the study found that older siblings and the oldest sibling, in particular, was more likely to run a yellow light, get into vehicle accidents, speed or engage in other bad driving behaviors.

A monitor was placed inside each of the participants’ cars to track their driving records and found overwhelming trends, such as the fact that firstborns were 46% more likely to swerve out of their lane to monopolize the road, 47% more likely to cut off other drivers and 89% were more likely to engage in speeding. Younger siblings, however, turned out to be the best driving members within the family, with only 26% of them monopolizing the roads.

Older siblings were also more likely to justify their behavior by arguing that they engaged in it for good reasons, such as being late. Older kids were also more likely to engage in other distractions while driving. Up to 17% of them admitted, for example, to doing their make up behind the wheel of the car and as many as 30% admitted to texting and driving.

When you have a teen driver, make sure you have clear rules about when and how they can be on the road, especially with passengers. It might seem easier to have the teen drive your other kids home, but if your teenager child is heavily distracted with other people in the car, this could lead to serious accidents. As a parent, it’s your job to be aware of their likelihood to make good decisions and to adjust their freedoms accordingly such that accidents can be prevented or minimized.


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