New Car Crash Technology Promising Higher Survival Rates

Posted on : March 29, 2018

You might try to swerve out of the way to get off the road if you’re coming up on a dangerous driver. But what if you can’t avoid the accident at all?

New car crash technology is constantly being developed as a result of consumer interests and the number of accidents that continue to be prevalent and preventable. Although the spotlight in the news has primarily been on automatic systems that can be used to help avoid car crashes, new technologies are working to help you survive a crash that you aren’t able to avoid.

This is known as the era of peak survivability and could have important implications for vehicle drivers of all types. For example, one type of technology being developed by Mercedes is the Pre Safe Impulse side system, which inflates a side seat bolster immediately before a side crash that allows a person in that seat to move away from the door that is about to be struck.

A 2007 study also identified that 17% of people will suffer some type of hearing loss due to the loud noise of airbag deployment. Another Mercedes technology program known as the Pre Safe Sound protects against hearing loss by using human ear behavior itself. When loud noises occur, the inner parts of the ears change position and tense up in a manner that makes them less likely to suffer injuries.

The Mercedes system will emit a burst of loud, although harmless, noise immediately prior to the accident to those inner ear parts, making them less likely to sustain serious injuries. Investing in technology that could help you avoid the consequences of a serious accident when the accident is unavoidable itself can be extremely beneficial.

Further research is being completed about sunroof and window positions that can be used to help avoid a crash. If you have already been involved in a serious accident, you deserve the support of an attorney.


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