What You Need to Know About the Settlement Check in Your Personal Injury Settlement

Posted on : June 26, 2017
The settlement check can help you recover from your personal injuries in an accident


Many people may believe that the settlement check is the end of their case, however, a mistake on the settlement check or the final paperwork submitted to you could compromise the case itself. It is imperative that you not only have an experienced personal injury lawyer helping you from the outset of your case but that you ask for a copy of the settlement check as well as to review the breakdown settlement sheet before that check is deposited.


Reviewing all of these details can be difficult when you have already gone through the comprehensive process of fighting for your claim and discussing settlement opportunities outside of court. The insurance company check will usually have your attorney’s name as well as your name on it so you would be responsible in most cases for endorsing the check before it can be deposited in the trust account for your attorney. It is a good idea to ask your personal injury lawyer to provide you with a copy of the actual settlement check that was forwarded to them by the insurance company.


Any checks that were written by the attorney to cover costs connected with your case are also crucial so that you understand your rights and responsibilities. The settlement check can be an exciting opportunity in your personal injury claim as it represents the time period in which you can receive the funds necessary to get the medical treatment you need and move on with your life, however, it is important that you still pay attention to all of the details and request copies of anything.


Having these materials from settlement and storing them in a safe location is strongly recommended should there be questions later on or any disputes that emerge. Having the right personal injury attorney is a critical part of the equation when it comes to pursuing a negligence claim against another individual due to injuries you sustained.

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