IIHS Study Finds Ignition Interlocks Critical to Reducing DUI Fatalities

Posted on : April 10, 2018

Do you suspect that another driver in a recent accident was under the influence at the time? Sadly, far too many accidents involving alcohol lead to severe injuries and fatalities for others. The victim will have to live with the consequences of causing such an accident for many years to come, often not being able to return to work or live their life as they did beforehand.

The high stakes of life after a serious accident caused by someone under the influence, which is why personal injury law allows victims to pursue compensation. Gathering evidence and filing a claim in a timely manner can help get those needed funds.

A new study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found that mandatory ignition interlock use for all people who have been accused of a DUI can reduce accident related fatalities by as much as 16%. Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other safety advocacy groups currently argue for all offender ignition interlocks across the 50 states of the country.

Currently, in some states, you may only have to use the mandatory ignition interlock device if this is your second or subsequent offense or there are aggravating circumstances associated with the crime to begin with. However, the study called State Alcohol Ignition Interlock Laws and Fatal Crashes found that drunk driving fatalities are reduced by as much as 3% when ignition interlock laws are in place for repeat offenders only.

However, states that require ignition interlocks after a first offense for anyone who has a high blood alcohol content will see an 8% reduction in alcohol-related fatalities. Ignition interlock requirements for any drunk driving offender can lead to up to 16% reduction in drunk driving fatalities. Drunk driving is one of the leading killers of passengers and drivers on the country’s roads. In 2016, nearly 10,500 people were fatally injured in drunk driving crashes. If you or someone you know has already been hurt in a drunk driving accident, you need to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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